Past Sales

This page has been created to mark the first 50 years of J. B. Hawkins Antiques, the  business I opened on my arrival in  Australia in 1967. I list 100 important items  that have passed through my hands into various Public and Private Collections around the world and I thank all those who have made the dream come true.

The Banks Florilegium

The printing of this project involved over 30 printers working in the London workshop of Edward Egerton–Williams for over 9 years. The publication was started when

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An Aeypornis Egg

I have sold three Aeypornis eggs in my life as a dealer in Natural History objects. My daughter Emma still owns two. For further details please

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Nellie the Elephant

Nellie the elephant was exhibited by Hawkins & Hawkins at the Olympia Antique Dealers Fair, London, where I sold her to America in 1998. Driven by

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