Vulliamy No. 432

An ormolu and patinated bronze mounted black marble Egyptian revival mantel timepiece, London, circa 1810.
Height 23cm or 9 inches

432. The 3-inch gilt dial with serpent surround, fusee movement with half deadbeat escapement, rise and fall regulation, signed and numbered on the backplate Vulliamy, London, No.432, the pylon case supported on the backs of four sphinxes, on a rectangular plinth, the whole with gilt mounts representing Horus as both winged sun and falcons and accompanied by Uraei. The designs for Horus and the Uraei are taken from plates in Voyage dans las Basse et la Haute Egypte by Vivant Denon published in London in 1802.  Vulliamy was almost certainly influenced in the design of this clock by the creation of the Egyptian Dining Room at Goodwood House, West Sussex by the 3rd Duke of Richmond (1735-1806). I have now identified the purchaser as Sir Henry Halford, 1st Baronet, GCH  (2 October 1766 – 1844), born Henry Vaughan, royal and society physician and physician extraordinary to King George III from 1793 to 1820, then as physician in ordinary to his three successors – George IVWilliam IV and the young Victoria. He also served other members of the Royal Family until his death.

414. Missing sold to Laurell or Lansell December 1807. This should read Lascelles for Edward Lascelles the eldest son who was in the market at this time with his father the first Earl Harewood. He purchased the sphinx paper weights from Vulliamy & Son, the clock is a logical extension. Interestingly the paperweights reappear in the royal collection inkwell.

438. An identical timepiece is in the collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum, London and was originally sold to Princess Mary in 1812.

The Vulliamy Account Books for 1807-8 provide the following information on the manufacture of clock 438 which was finished and delivered on 4th March 1809.

Jackson the movement £5/10/0
Day the case £6/9/0
Ourtz engraving and gilding the plate £1/10/0
Jacot turning dial and ring 5s 6d
Houle snake to go round dial 8s 0d
Barnet casting snake 9s
Couling filing up the little Egyptian ornaments £2/0/0
Barnett casting the 4 Sphinxes £1/1 6
Couling filing the 4 Sphinxes £2/8/0
Caney chasing same £4/4 0
Barnett casting the little ornaments 3s 6d
Barket chasing the little ornaments 14s 0d
Houle chasing the Sphinxes £8/0/0
Butler filing up the mouldings 3s 6d
Seagrave gilding £3/1s/6d
Seagrave bronzing the sphinxes 12s 0d
Swift filing up steel hands 8s 0d
Brownly the stand 16s 6d