The George III Royal Dinner Service by Robert Auguste

Designed and made by Robert Auguste Paris with additions by Bunsen of Hanover for the Electoral Palace in Hanover and sold by me to Kerry Packer.

Later purchased by the Rothschild Family Trust advised by Phillipa Glanville and now on loan at Waddesdon. The agreed selling price between Packer and myself was £3,750,000 pounds.

When Packer discovered, from another source, who the purchaser was, after suggesting to me that I had sold it for less and was therefore swindling him he rang Jacob Rothschild and asked him £4 million, when this was disputed by Jacob Rothschild, Packer suggested that he would toss him for the difference.

On hearing all this I promptly resigned as Packer’s advisor after 25 years and the sale was concluded by Christopher Hartop.