The Duke of Northumberland’s Shield of Achilles by Philip Rundell 1823

Sold to H. E. Mahdi al Tajir.

This was, by agreement, to be purchased by Kerry Packer after the Northumberland sale at Sotheby’s. After a meeting at Carlton House Terrace between Packer and Tajir, chaired by myself, it was finally agreed that it would be retained by Tajir.

At this meeting I opened the conversation with how difficult it was to resolve a matter between two very rich men, Tajir intimated that I was dealing with only one very rich man and Packer upped sticks and left. Tajir was not phased and later offered to let Packer have the Shield as agreed. Packer declined and Tajir sent him the Marquess of Sligo’s, Westport House, Gillow’s desk on the eagle supports as a gesture of friendship.