The Bacchus and Ariadne Shields

The pair from the Duke of Northumberland sale sold with the majority of the sale into the Tajir Collection. I have sold the only other remaining example in private hands to a collector in Houston. The Triumph of Bacchus Shield

There are two shields in the photograph, the left hand centre is the Triumph of Bacchus Shield, the other to the right is the Shield of Achilles.

On the centre of the table is the Cumberland/Hanover Wine Cooler, now in the Packer Collection.

This photograph was taken of the Hanoverian Royal Plate, on the occasion of the silver wedding of King George V of Hanover, in Vienna before the first World War.

King Ernst of Hanover would have known of this shield and the Shield of Achilles from the collections of his brothers, the Prince Regent and the Duke of York.